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Spoiled rich kid borrows $16K from his dad to start pimping, weed and Special K-selling business

A 32-year-old central Taiwanese man borrowed nearly US$16,000 from his wealthy father to start his very own business, which happened to be one in the burgeoning...

2015-04-14 01:57 23 Dailymotion

-29 16k Ice cannon

-29 16k Ice cannon...

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反駁領22K 群創員工再嗆是16K

反駁領22K 群創員工再嗆是16K...

2015-08-12 01:56 7 Dailymotion

16K Horrid Army Thank You! Series 4 Exclusive Trailer! New Milestone

Thank You Horrid Folks Its Been Very Nice To hit 16k Horrid Army On Youtube #horridHenryOfficial Milestone For HH. 1.Since 1994 To 2014 It Was.\r\rHey!my name i...

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Funk mortellll $$$16K$$$

my love...

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