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Shivanya Gets ARRESTED By Police | NAAGIN | 14th May 2016 Episode

2016-05-12 10,269 Dailymotion

Shivaanya gets arrested in the supernatural thriller Naagin . yea viewers would see Sesha taking the firem of Shivaanya and planning a wedding night with him .But Rithik sees through this and puts her under house arrest.

Meanwhile Viren gets Shivaanya arrested and will Rithik be able to save her?

Naagin the teleserial which was up for closure would continue for some more time thanks to its incessant twists and turns. As for Rithik and Shivaanya well they remain the inseparable couple who fight against all odds to stay together. Even though Rithik is aware about Shivaanya being a Naagin he accepts her and even though Shivaanya is an Icchadari Naagin she is ready to sacrifice her powers for her Beau's sake

Intrigue, suspense, betrayal and distrust rules as Naagin goes a step forward with this arrest. Now fans are waiting to see if Rithik can do anything to save his Belle from this mishap. Meanwhile we also are wondering how the serial will end hai na?